23 Delightfully On-Model Items for the Nancy Meyers Devotee

We all know it’s arduous to seek out the appropriate items in your family members, so we’ve compiled a ton of vogue and beauty-focused reward guides tailor-made to a spread of pursuits and budgets. Try our newest under and discover extra proper right here.

Ah, to be a quinquagenarian in a Nancy Meyers movie — all fresh-cut flowers in each room, briny oysters splashed with crisp horseradish and Grüner-filled wine nights together with your 4 closest girlfriends with whom you do Pilates on Tuesday mid-mornings. Your disposable revenue? Flush. Your romantic escapades? Plentiful. And amid all of it’s a determined have to drape your self in heaps of outsized cashmere as you gaze out to sea in your beachfront patio and ponder learn how to weasel your manner out of your love triangle du jour.

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